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Literary Works



"Highly enjoyable... keen-eyed and poignant." -Publishers Weekly


"A delightfully hilarious, gorgeously written, and emotionally complex story."

- Andrew Porter, author, The Theory of Light and Matter


"An engaging brew of witty wisecracks, colorful characters, and surprising heart."

-Aaron Hamburger, author, Nirvana is Here


The voice of disgraced love guru Brooks Nixon seems to haunt Hope Townsend, showing up at inopportune moments to deliver unwelcome commentary on her hapless romances. Brooks―who once doled out cliched dating advice to millions―fell out of favor with his fanbase when a life-altering experience shifted his counsel to a free-wheeling, anti-monogamy platform. The about-face earned him the moniker "Narcissus Nixon" and made him slightly less annoying to Hope, a goth music devotee who prefers animals over people. Hope's dueling traits of misanthropy and compassion often hinder her progress in jobs as well as relationships. Little by little, she finds herself more influenced by the new Nixon than she'd care to admit. To shake off his hold on her thoughts and come to terms with her own destiny, she must uncover the truth behind Nixon's transformation and draw the line between his recommendations and her true desires.


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